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About Us - Olseva Professionals & Services

Olseva.com® is a network software that provides a platform for service providers and service seekers. The company is registered under K.M. Olseva Infoserve Private Ltd, under companies act 2013 (18 of 2013). Olseva.com doesn't provide any service, doesn't take part in negotiation or execution of any kind of service deal.

Professionals are available in our society, nevertheless it is difficult to find one who can match the requirement of customers. OLSEVA provides a market place for services needed at doorstep, it ranges from home construction, repair, maintenance, house rent, party venue, transport, deliveries, car rent, nursing, therapy, baby sitting, IT services, security services, and many more. 

Nuclear family, long working hours, relocating jobs and growing dependent population has increased the demand for services at doorstep, however it is challenging to find a service professionals with trusted background at affordable rates. 

We have exclusively selected reliable and trusted service providers in each service field who are ready to serve at affordable price at customer’s doorstep. Customers can to select few professionals and invite them to bid for service request, selected suitable professional who meet all requirement of customer can be booked on line. Perceived difference of our platform which makes OLSEVA valuable is the review and feedback system; once service is performed, customer can create reviews about service provider, which will help other customers in future. There is no booking fees and no commission.